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At DevPort, we are proud of our employees and customers who together develop the technology of the future. For us it is about team spirit, community, short decision-making, experience, entrepreneurship and stability.

Our values



DevPort is the close-knit company where employees and clients are made to feel a part of the family. We have short decision-making processes and a friendly attitude towards each other.



DevPort has no restrictions, whether employee or client, we enable the implementation of ideas to the benefit of all.



When it comes to new technology, research and development, we’re building a unique knowledge bank for you – whether employee or client.



Everything we do is to be characterised by quality, which creates profitability and stability for our employees and clients.

Latest news

Business areas

We are witnessing fantastic development in embedded systems. Today, almost all products have some kind of intelligence (programmable electronics) and in the future increasingly more products will be connected.

The automotive industry has undergone a change of technology where software is increasingly required. This is apparent in the automotive industry in that, for example, investments in self-driving cars create extensive needs for software development skills.

Pilot projects and verification tests are conducted continuously to enable the industry to prepare for the wider rollout of this exciting new technology.

Over the next few years, we will experience a gradual transition to this type of vehicle with completely different requirements for features and developed services.

We are at the technological forefront and support our clients in the various technology transitions that take place.

At DevPort, we have three core competencies within embedded systems:

– Active safety / Autonomous vehicles
– Hybridisation
– Infotainment

We offer development within the following areas:


– C / C ++, C #, .NET, Java, Python, Erlang
– Model-based SW development
– Linux, UNIX, Windows, RTOS
– Android, iOS, Windows Phone
– Agile development, Scrum, TDD


– Complete ECU development
– Sensor systems
– EDS / Cabling

Quality Assurance

– Field tests
– Test automation

Project Management

In mechanics and construction, DevPort has been a strong player in the market since the start of 2008, and we have carried out several major qualifying projects and employ a large number of consultants in place with our customers.

Within product development and design, DevPort has been a strong player in the market since the start of 2008, and we have carried out several highly favourable projects and employ a large number of consultants on site at our clients.

When it comes to vehicle development, many players are often involved in the process, which means that the need for designers is high for our automotive clients. In order to meet those needs, we also deliver expertise through our so-called client satellites.

DevPort has for many years been working with client satellites where our consultants work with design and project management for the automotive industry.

A documented leading edge area at DevPort is Powertrain Integration and custom designs.

DevPort is also one of the industry’s leading companies when it comes to knowledge about Catie V5, and our consultants are high in demand.

DevPort is also one of the industry’s leading companies when it comes to excellence in CATIA V5, and our consultants are highly sought after.

Product development is an area where we have broad and cutting-edge expertise in our skill set. This can involve the following areas of expertise:

– Vehicle design
– Machine design
– Tools
– Form & Design
– Ergonomics
– Geometry assurance
– Testing
– Electrical and cable design

The Production Development business area is a relatively new field for DevPort.

With our framework agreement clients in the automotive industry, demand is high in both production development and production development/production technology.

Within the Production Development business area, we deliver within four main areas:

– Production
– Logistics
– Quality
– Aftermarket

Within industry, and within the automotive industry in particular, there is great demand for optimisation. DevPort offers its customers everything from production, process and flow optimisation to preparation, management and quality assurance.

DevPort’s new business area shows great potential and is likely to attract more types of consultants and contribute to DevPort’s growth over the coming years.

We have solid experience of the field of production development and good insight into the consulting needs of our clients. This enables us to better match needs with our skill sets and provide higher quality deliveries.

The demand of services within IT (technical IT, system development, etc.) is expected to increase for DevPorts customers in the forthcoming years. Because of this DevPort in February 2018 started a new business area within IT.

Among other things the new IT business area complements the activity within the business area Embedded Systems and will furthermore strengthen the delivery capacity towards the customers.

Existing customers within the automotive industry is the base for the new business area but growth occur also outside the automotive industry.

The business area IT focuses on senior competences within:

– System development, Front End & Back End
– Test / Test management
– Project Management
– Business Analyst
– Infrastructure Architecture

We offer excellence within all areas of competence but also place a large focus on recruiting the new generations of co-workers such as newly graduated system developers.

We have great experience of seeing the ability within each individual and match this with the right customer and assignment.

Wall of Fame

Our most important asset is our employees. We are extremely proud of our employees and our ultimate ambition is that every employee should feel proud of DevPort, our clients and their colleagues and achieve a good balance between work and life.

Our nearly 300 employees and partners have many interesting tales to tell, highlighting successful career decisions and key milestones. Around the coffee machine, you might meet athletes competing at national level, doctors of philosophy or a silversmith. DevPort brings together a myriad of dedicated and driven engineers.

Rickard Larsson

Rickard Larsson

“It’s very satisfying to see the cars on the roads and know that you’ve been involved in their development”

Marcus Hellström

Marcus Hellström

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Anna Kinnander

Anna Kinnander

Current assignment: Designer for a major truck manufacturer

We have to choose between a global market driven only by calculations of short-term profit, and one which has a human face. Between a world which condemns a quarter of the human race to starvation and squalor, and one which offers everyone at least a chance of prosperity, in a healthy environment. Between a selfish free-for-all in which we ignore the fate of the losers, and a future in which the strong and successful accept their responsibilities, showing global vision and leadership.
Pupils in a classroom

DevPort wants to contribute to a more humane market and are a proud partner of the organisation Star for Life. Through our CSR work with them we support the pupils in the school Windmill Park Secondary School in South Africa, where we want to inspire the young people to educate themselves as engineers and to show them other career possibilities than those they see in their closest surroundings at the moment.

Half of the employees at DevPort visited the school in South Africa and the children there in February 2019. Before the trip we collected money for educational materials through a walking competition that lasted during 3 months. The other half of the co-workers will travel to the school in late April this year.

A school in Africa

Star for Life started in 2005 with the “Star program” project in Hluhluwe in northeastern South Africa. Since then it has grown to an international organisation, active in three continents. Star for Life aims to strengthen young people’s self-esteem, inspire them to dream about a better future, and to motivate them to take action steps to achieve those dreams.

Our Clients

At DevPort, we are proud to work with some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and companies in the defence industry, life science and other development-intensive industries. We have extensive framework agreements and offer broad expertise and project delivery.

A selection of our clients



Nira Dynamics




















Privacy Policy

DevPort care about your personal integrity. We want you who use our site and our services to feel safe with how me process your personal data. The Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal data, what your data is used for, how it is shared as well as which rights you have.

You are welcome to contact us through our e-mail if you have any questions about how we use personal data. The Privacy Policy is valid from 2018-05-25.

Here you find our Privacy Policy.

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