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DevPort AB is a Swedish public limited company with its registered office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our corporate governance is based on the Swedish Companies Act, the articles of association, the obligations pursuant to being listed on Nasdaq, First North Premier, Stockholm, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and other applicable laws and regulations. Corporate governance encompasses a set of rules and a decision-making hierarchy with which to effectively and in a controlled manner manage a company’s operations, with the aim of delivering the return on invested capital required by the owners.


DevPort has since 1 July 2017 complied with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.

DevPort complies with the Code with the following exceptions:

No remuneration committee has been appointed. Instead, such matters are dealt with by the entire board, with the exception of the company’s chief executive officer. This is motivated by the fact that in the board’s assessment, the type of operations pursued and the board’s collected expertise mean that this approach best favours the company’s operations and the shareholders’ interests.

DevPort strives to maintain high standards through clarity and simplicity in its management system and governing documents. The governance, management and control of DevPort is divided between the shareholders at the annual general meeting, the board and the chief executive officer, as well as the auditors, in compliance with the Swedish Companies Act and the articles of association. Increased openness and transparency provide good insight into the company’s operations, which contributes to effective governance.


In accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, the general meeting is the company’s highest decision-making body and at the general meeting the shareholders exercise their voting rights on key issues, such as the decision to adopt the income statement and balance sheet, the appropriation of the company’s profit or loss, discharging the board members and the chief executive officer from liability, the election of board members and the appointment of auditors, and the remuneration to the board and the auditors. In addition to the annual general meeting, an extraordinary general meeting can also be convened. In accordance with DevPort’s articles of association, notice of the general meeting is published in the Swedish Official Gazette and this notice is also made available on the company’s website. The notice shall also be published in the Swedish national daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.


All shareholders who are directly registered in the register of shareholders kept by Euroclear Sweden five business days before the general meeting and who have notified the company of their intention to participate (with any assistants if applicable) in the general meeting no later than the date specified in the notice of the general meeting have the right to attend the general meeting and vote for the number of shares they hold. Shareholders can participate in the general meeting in person or by proxy and can even be accompanied by a maximum of two assistants. Normally, shareholders are able to register for the general meeting in several different ways, which are specified in the notice of the meeting.



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