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Project Management


Project management is wired into the company’s DNA. Since the start, we have successfully performed both larger (SEK 30-40 m per project) and smaller (SEK 100 k-SEK 1 m) projects. We most often assume full responsibility for development and delivery within each project.

One concept behind our success is that we strive to have our offices connected to our clients in so-called client satellites. A client satellite is a security-classed area in one of our offices with a direct connection to the client’s systems and environments. For example, all our offices are connected to one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.


With our client satellites, not only can we deliver projects, but also a skill or a set of skills in a cost-effective manner in order to continuously conduct assignments for the client.

Today, about 20% of the company’s operations are conducted from one of our client satellites.

Expertise On Site

The vast majority of DevPort employees have an engineering background, executives and consultants alike.

In most cases, our managers also have experience of working as a consultant on assignment at the client. This gives us the invaluable experience of working as a consultant and a very good understanding of what the client expects from a certain role.

With our framework agreements, we receive many requests and meet candidates on a daily basis. We focus on finding the absolute best match for the assignment based on both technical and social skills, which leads to long-term employment at DevPort and good career development for the concerned individual, among other things.

With DevPort’s extensive consultant network and DevPort’s partners, we can offer our clients greater delivery capability and further enhance quality. Our motto is ‘The most suitable consultant’.


Areas of Expertise


Embedded Systems

Embedded systems

We are witnessing fantastic development in embedded systems. Today, almost all products have some kind of intelligence (programmable electronics) and in the future increasingly more products will be connected.



A relatively new field for DevPort. With our framework agreement clients in the automotive industry demand is high in both production development and production development/production technology.



Within product development and design, DevPort has been a strong player in the market since the start of 2008. We have carried out several highly favourable projects and employ a large number of consultants on site at our clients.



The demand of services within IT (technical IT, system development, etc.) is expected to increase for DevPorts customers in the forthcoming years. Because of this DevPort in February 2018 started a new business area within IT.

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