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Anna_Kinnander Wall of fame
Mechanical engineer specialised in product development and industrial design.

Current assignment:
Designer for a major truck manufacturer

“Thrives in a satellite and prefers silver over gold!”

When I was involved in founding DevPort, there were only eight of us working as consultants – today we number about 200. Although we’ve grown so much in size at the company, I think we’ve managed to retain a close-knit atmosphere where new members can feel welcome and relaxed. One way to get a good DevPort feeling is to be assigned to one of our client satellites, where we are located at the office in Linköping and work with direct connections to our clients. This also provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the work and learn from lots of experienced colleagues, because there’s a great amount of experience and knowledge to partake within DevPort.

I’m currently working as a designer in a satellite, assigned to the client’s department for specialist vehicles where I work on customising truck bodies.

If I had to choose something that I’m proud of, it’s probably my time at BT Truck (Toyota Material Handling). I was involved in running a large project where we turned the entire forklift concept on its head by, among other things, switching places between the controls and the driver’s seat.

Mondays are my holy day, that’s when I’m a silversmith. I’ve done that for thirteen years now and have created an awful lot of jewellery. A regular plain ring takes about an evening to make. I see it more as a hobby than a job, it’s more fun that way.

For me, Proud to be is about feeling proud of DevPort and what we deliver every day. I wouldn’t have stayed put all these years if I wouldn’t have felt that way.

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