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Design Engineer

Current assignment:
Swedish car manufacturer

“Engineer with Java as a catalyst.”

To begin with, I was assigned to an in-house project at DevPort in Gothenburg. As a new graduate, I needed to gain some experience. I was part of a group working with emission control systems for a major truck manufacturer. The project provided a natural stepping stone to the assignment I’m working on now, which also involves emissions.

In my assignment at a larger car manufacturer, I work with the catalytic converter. I perform so-called packaging studies where I try to fit the catalytic converter into the car, that is, I make sure there’s enough room for it, redesigning it if necessary.

The idea is that this assignment should lead to me earning the role of component owner, which would mean that I’d be responsible for the catalytic converter from the concept phase to production, with a great deal of contact with suppliers and sourcing/purchasing along the way.

I’m very happy here. Mostly because it’s been a real challenge to immerse myself in and understand everything about how engines work.

In my spare time I train a lot. Indoor hockey is my thing and I’ve played since I was eight. For the past two years, I’ve played for Guldheden IBK and we play in division 1.

If I had the chance to spend a day living as someone else, it would probably be someone who has inspired me in life. There’s a product designer called Joy Mangano. She’s a great inspiration and works a lot trying to simplify day-to-day life for regular people.

Something I absolutely can’t live without? I’d probably have to say coffee – and inspiration of course.

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