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Markus_Hellström Wall of fame 2

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

“CATIA designer who knows the ins and outs of every chassis.”

Current assignment:

3D designer for a major auto manufacturer

Working the way we do in a client satellite functions very well. We sit in an office here at DevPort in Linköping and are connected to the client’s networks, so it feels like you’re on site at the client.

DevPort is a smaller/medium-sized company, but we have clients that are much larger, such as Volvo and Scania, so there are great opportunities to get different types of assignments. As a new graduate, I fitted in well with the group at DevPort and it felt very welcoming and close-knit.

My first consulting assignment entailed delivering 3D drawings to companies that make custom bodies for the client’s vehicles. That is, I put together 3D models of entire or parts of existing vehicles that they need to design new components and products. The assignment has given me a very good overall knowledge about trucks as a product and its design.

Right now I’m about to switch assignments. I’ll be part of a project group where we’ll be working with so-called special orders. Our task is to find solutions to the challenges that arise when the client’s customers want to customise their vehicles.

I don’t think I’ve had my dream assignment yet, but I think I’d like to continue working within the automotive industry. I can imagine continuing to work with friendly colleagues and getting assignments that I enjoy.

In my spare time I like to travel. My dream trip would be to Australia.

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