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“It’s very satisfying to see the cars on the roads and know that you’ve been involved in their development”


Current assignment:
Resident engineer for a major subcontractor in the automotive industry.

My DevPort journey began when Tricab was acquired by DevPort in 2014. Today, I’m assigned as a resident engineer for a major subcontractor in the automotive industry. This means that I visit the subcontractor’s customers and manage different types of application issues related to airbags. I also come into contact with quite a few virtual assets, such as 3D models, drawings and technical documents, which are to be managed in the customer’s systems. I’ve been involved since the project start for all new product models that are now being rolled out by one of the major automotive manufacturers in Sweden.

Previously, I’ve also worked in other industries, such as with customers like Husqvarna and Arcam. Arcam develops machines that use EBM – Electron Beam Melting. It’s an additive layer-by-layer technique used primarily to manufacture items made from titanium with the aid of an electron gun. Arcam’s machines produce components for NASA and the aviation industry, among others, as well as different types of implants for reconstructive surgery.

When I’m not working, my hobbies include paragliding and triathlons. I’m currently focused on completing a Swedish classic circuit, which means competing in Vätternrundan (300 km cycling), Vansbrosimmet (3 km open water swimming), Lidingöloppet (30 km cross-country running) and Vasaloppet (90 km cross-country skiing).

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