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“From one job to the next in eight days”

Current assignment:
Major vehicle manufacturer in Gothenburg

What makes embedded so fun is that it often involves something concrete. When you’re programming, you actually see something specific happen. A lamp that lights or maybe a motor that starts spinning.

Today, I’m on an assignment for a major automotive manufacturer. My work there includes operations development in the testing department for infotainment. This means that I’m developing a tool to automate and facilitate the testing of new software for the infotainment system. Previously, the process of updating and testing new software in a so-called ECU in the infotainment system has been complicated and time-consuming. But now, with my program, all the necessary processes can be achieved with the press of a button. My tool has been very well received, so now there’s talk that other departments at the customer will start using it too.

It’s been fun to create an entire application from scratch. Everything began with a blank sheet of paper and now it’s evolved into a pretty big program. I can’t think of a better assignment.

I moved to Gothenburg from Örebro, where I worked at Ericsson developing tests for their radio base stations. When I applied for this assignment at DevPort, they called me the very next day, interviewed me that Friday, and offered me the job on Monday. So it took just eight days from my application to getting the job. That’s pretty amazing!

One of the reason I think DevPort is a good company is that I have a good manager, who really shows a personal interest. You’re not anonymous at DevPort. Everyone knows who you are and that creates a wonderful family atmosphere. I picked up on that already during my first interview and it still holds true.

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