DevPort develops Revolutionary Digital Twin Tech Solutions with GTC

Göteborg Tekniska College (GTC) has won the task to build a groundbreaking educational center for the upcoming battery factory in Göteborg.

Confronted with the challenges of integrating large and expensive machinery, GTC has strategically embraced innovation. Instead of conventional equipment, GTC will harness cutting-edge digital twin technology solutions to shape the future of education. And who is taking part in delivering the solution for this technological marvel? None other than DevPort with Milad Ghasemi as our key player in this groundbreaking project.

This transformative deal commands attention with its remarkable valuation, currently reaching nearly 1 million Swedish Kronor. Undoubtedly, this represents a pivotal milestone as we delve into the Digital Twin domain with real impact. Stay tuned as we embark on this revolutionary journey in collaboration with key players in the automotive and technology sectors.