Get an insight to our strategic expansion in Jönköping!

In the beginning of the year, DevPort announced its expansion into Jönköping. This strategic decision marks a significant milestone for the company, underlining its commitment to growth and innovation in the ever-evolving tech industry.

The choice of Jönköping as the next city for DevPort’s expansion was a natural progression, fueled by its flourishing tech scene and prestigious academic institutions. It offers an optimal setting for DevPort to thrive and make a lasting impact. The man leading the way in this expansion is Risto Kesti.

Exciting news with a DevPort establishment in Jönköping. Tell us more about this initiative!

A venture in Jönköping is a quite natural continuation of DevPort’s expansion. The technology companies and the excellent university located in the region make it an appealing location. We have just moved into a nice and cozy office in the old fire station in Jönköping. The fact that we have already established an office in the initial stage sends the important signal – We are here to stay!

Tell us a bit about your background!

I have been working in the technology consulting industry since 2012 and have established new operations for various companies since then. I began my career at Saab in Jönköping, and my relationship with Saab has always stayed strong, now in the role of a supplier. Besides that, you can find all sorts of things in my CV, as I have worked with production, business development, logistics, and technology. An advantage, since my broad background makes it easy for me to understand the clients’ operations and their needs.

What made you choose to embark on this journey with DevPort?

In DevPort, I found an employer with an entrepreneurial culture and a genuine family feel in the organization. Short decision-making processes and a flat organization make it feel secure to engage in this venture we are now undertaking in Jönköping. The wonderful camaraderie among colleagues is also a significant reason. Proud To Be is a living culture at DevPort, something that is easy to embrace as a newly hired employee.

Why is Jönköping a strategic complement for DevPort?

The establishment in Jönköping signifies an expansion into another Saab location, a strategic move that is important. It is also near our R&D customer Husqvarna, which will be essential for the business. This establishment not only enhances our collaboration with these key clients but also grants us access to other technology-intensive customers in the Jönköping region, enriching our network and opportunities for growth.

What does DevPort have that will attract new employees and customers in the Jönköping region?

We will be able to offer flexible delivery with both on-site consultant business and satellite/project business. In the satellite/project business, we will be able to collaborate with other offices, which in turn makes competencies available that are not present in Jönköping today.

For candidates, they will find a responsive, actively supportive employer who acts as the career coach a consulting company should be. We should not be a staffing agency but a company that offers high technical expertise to our clients. This attitude places high demands on us as a company and on those who join us.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

In 5 years, we will be an established provider that is the obvious choice for both engineers and clients!