Meet our leading man in the South

When he looks back at this past year and shares the secret sauce for making our workplace the absolute best

Even with the national market doing its ups and downs, our business in Blekinge and Skåne is shooting for the stars. The competition might be turning up the heat, but guess what? DevPort South is still riding high, all thanks to our incredible team, the tight knit bonds with our customers, and an offer that’s just what the doctor ordered. We’re not just a company; we’re a team writing this success story together! 🚀👊

Hello Stefan, we’ve just passed New Year’s. What can you tell us about 2023?

Throughout the year, we have continued to build on our strong culture. A journey we’ve been on from the start. In the past year, it’s not only become clearer but also grown stronger. As part of our branding initiatives, we’ve landed in on a definition of ”what DevPort South is” and that vibe is fantastic.

Reflecting on the year, it’s essential to highlight and feel proud of having so content employees. Our stellar performance in this year’s employee survey, especially in categories like Psychosocial work environment and workload, brings us immense joy.

On a noteworthy point, we’re excited to share that over the past year, we welcomed back a familiar face in the South region. This serves as the ultimate testament to the positive experience of working with us. In an industry where returning is less common, we’ve actually become a hub for ”boomerangs” – individuals who happily choose to return to the DevPort family.

Why has DevPort South been so successful in a challenging market?

I believe it’s about our ability to understand our clients’ businesses and build humble partnerships/relationships. Our passion for digital experiences, combined with our deep expertise in technology and digital strategy, along with our strong culture, makes us a strong competitor in the market.

Speaking of clients and partnerships – what have you accomplished together this year?

We have continued our inspiring and successful collaborations with NKT, Saab, Tarkett, CEKON, and others. But we have also found some new clients, such as Ecolean, DynaPac, to name a few.

We have been working with NKT for two years now, and during the year, we have laid the foundation for the next step in our long-term partnership, stay tuned!

Saab has become a larger client for us this year, February, we are writing a framework agreement for direct delivery to Saab nationally.

How does it feel to be the regional manager of the South right now?

Everyone working at DevPort South is passionate about their job, and everyone is extremely competent in their field (#ProudtoBe). Leading such a delightful group is so inspiring and developmental, but it also puts high demands on me and how we drive the company forward. Overall, it’s all of this that makes me have the most enjoyable job in the world. For me, being the regional manager of the South at DevPort is a lifestyle. I look forward to Mondays, and my ambition is for everyone working here to feel the same. The vision is to create the best workplace for every person working with us. Positive energy, humor/joy, high competence, and friendship are the recipe for our success.

What was your highlight 2023?

Besides DevPort South’s epic summer party and Christmas party in 2023, I will always remember the trip to Iceland that we took to celebrate DevPorts 15 year anniversary. Being able to spend time with 240 great colleagues and friends, in an amazing place, with incredible weather, and seeing everyone’s joy was my highlight of the year.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2024?

That is easy to answer! What I look forward to the most is maintaining good health, seeing the children get their driver’s licenses (car + motorcycle), and one of the older children graduating. Much to plan and guide, but the excitement is high!

For the company’s part, I look forward to the results of the hard work we are putting into developing and launching the DevPort brand here in region south.

We believe in that daring to be different is good. That will make us stand out and have an identity that attracts future co-responsibles, partners, and customers. Over and out!